SUSE Manager Server 重命名查错

如果您在本地更改了 SUSE Manager Server 的主机名,SUSE Manager 安装将无法正常进行。这是因为尚未在数据库中做出相应更改,因而这些更改无法从您的客户端和任何代理传播出来。

If you need to change the hostname of the SUSE Manager Server, you can do so using the spacewalk-hostname-rename script. This script updates the settings in the 15 database and the internal structures of SUSE Manager.

spacewalk-hostname-rename 脚本是 spacewalk-utils 软件包的一部分。

该脚本的唯一必需参数是为 SUSE Manager Server 新配置的 IP 地址。

过程:重命名 SUSE Manager Server
  1. 在 DNS 服务器上,本地和远程更改系统级别的服务器的网络设置。 您还需要提供用于反向名称解析的配置设置。更改网络设置的方式与重命名任何其他系统的方式相同。

  2. 重引导 SUSE Manager Server 以使用新网络配置并确保主机名更改。

  3. 结合服务器的公共 IP 地址运行脚本 spacewalk-hostname-rename。 If the server is not using the new hostname, the script fails. Be aware that this script refreshes the pillar data for all Salt clients: the time it takes to run depends on the number of registered clients.

  4. Skip this step if the clients are managed via a SUSE Manager proxy. Re-configure the clients directly managed to make them aware of the new hostname and IP address. In the Salt client configuration file, you must specify the name of the new Salt master (SUSE Manager Server) (the filename is /etc/venv-salt-bundle/minionor, if you do not use the Salt bundle, /etc/salt/minion):

    master: <新主机名>
  5. Restart the venv-salt-minion service (if using the Salt bundle):

    systemctl restart venv-salt-minion

    Or the salt-minion service (if not using the Salt bundle):

    systemctl restart salt-minion
  6. To fully propagate the hostname to the Salt client configuration apply the high state. Applying the high state will update the hostname in the repository URLs.

Any proxy must be reconfigured. The new server certificate and key must be copied to the proxy and the script must be run. For more information about configuring a proxy, see SUSE Manager Proxy 设置.

Directly connected traditional clients have the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date configuration file that must be changed. With a re-activation key you can re-register traditional clients (if there are any). For more information, see 在命令行上注册 (Salt).

如果通过某个代理使用 PXE 引导,则必须检查该代理的配置设置。在该代理上,运行 设置脚本并输入请求的信息。有关详细信息,请参见 SUSE Manager Proxy 设置