Salt Formulas

Formulas are collections of Salt States that contain generic parameter fields. Formulas allow for reliable reproduction of a specific configuration. Some formulas are supplied by SUSE, or you can install formulas from RPM packages or an external git repository.

Formulas work best for large, non-trivial, configurations. For smaller tasks, use a state rather than a formula. Formulas and states both act as a kind of configuration documentation. When you have written and stored the configuration, they provide a snapshot of your infrastructure.

Formula data can be managed using the XMLRPC API.

You can use the SUSE Manager Web UI to apply SUSE Manager formulas. The most commonly used formulas are documented in this section.

Alternatively, you can use pre-written formulas as a starting point for your own custom formulas. Pre-written formulas are available from

For more information on custom formulas, see Custom Salt Formulas.