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Documentation version: 4.3.10

1. 什么是 SUSE Manager?

SUSE Manager is a solution for organizations that require robust control over maintenance and package deployment on their servers. It enables you to manage large sets of Linux systems and keep them up-to-date, with automated software management, asset management, and system provisioning. It also allows you to maintain a high level of security while effectively managing system life-cycle requirements.

SUSE Manager uses Salt to provide event-driven configuration and management control. The Salt-master orchestrates tens of thousands of Salt clients (SUSE Manager clients) using remote execution.

SUSE Manager 提供 SUSE Linux Enterprise、openSUSE、Red Hat Enterprise Linux、CentOS、Oracle Linux、Ubuntu、Debian、Amazon Linux 和 AlmaLinux 客户端系统的无缝管理。这些系统可能位于本地、公有云、私有云、混合云,甚至是多云环境中。

如果您无法使用 SUSE Manager Web UI,可以从命令提示符使用几乎所有的功能(虚拟化任务除外)。可以配合辅助技术工具使用所有命令行工具。可以在桌面应用程序模块中启用文本阅读器 orcaespeak。PackageHub 中提供了语音识别工具 mycroft-coresphinx。此外,您可以使用 XML-RPC API 来与 SUSE Manager 交互。

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