The following spacecmd functions are available for use with kickstart.

1. kickstart_addactivationkeys

Add activation keys to a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_addactivationkeys PROFILE <密钥 ...>

2. kickstart_addchildchannels

Add a child channels to a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_addchildchannels PROFILE <频道 ...>

3. kickstart_addcryptokeys

Add cryptography keys to a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_addcryptokeys PROFILE <密钥 ...>

4. kickstart_addfilepreservations

Add file preservations to a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_addfilepreservations PROFILE <文件列表 ...>

5. kickstart_addoption

Set an option for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_addoption PROFILE KEY [值]

6. kickstart_addpackages

Add packages to a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_addpackages PROFILE <软件包 ...>

7. kickstart_addscript

Add a script to a Kickstart profile.

usage: kickstart_addscript PROFILE [options]

  -e EXECUTION_TIME ['pre', 'post']
  -f FILE
  -c execute in a chroot environment

8. kickstart_addvariable

Add a variable to a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_addvariable PROFILE KEY VALUE

9. kickstart_clone

Clone a Kickstart profile.

usage: kickstart_clone [options]

  -n NAME

10. kickstart_create

Create a Kickstart profile.

usage: kickstart_create [options]

  -n NAME
  -v VIRT_TYPE ['none', 'para_host', 'qemu', 'xenfv', 'xenpv']

11. kickstart_delete

Delete kickstart profiles.

usage: kickstart_delete PROFILE usage: kickstart_delete PROFILE1 PROFILE2 usage: kickstart_delete "PROF*"

12. kickstart_details

Show the details of a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_details PROFILE

13. kickstart_diff

List differences between two kickstart files.


14. kickstart_disableconfigmanagement

Disable configuration management on a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_disableconfigmanagement PROFILE

15. kickstart_disableremotecommands

Disable remote commands on a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_disableremotecommands PROFILE

16. kickstart_enableconfigmanagement

Enable configuration management on a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_enableconfigmanagement PROFILE

17. kickstart_enablelogging

Enable logging for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_enablelogging PROFILE

18. kickstart_enableremotecommands

Enable remote commands on a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_enableremotecommands PROFILE

19. kickstart_export

Export kickstart profiles to json formatted file.

usage: kickstart_export <KSPROFILE>... [options]
    -f outfile.json : specify an output filename, defaults to <KSPROFILE>.json
                      if exporting a single kickstart, profiles.json for multiple
                      kickstarts, or ks_all.json if no KSPROFILE specified
                      e.g (export ALL)

Note : KSPROFILE list is optional, default is to export ALL

20. kickstart_getcontents

Show the contents of a Kickstart profile as they would be presented to a client.

用法:kickstart_getcontents LABEL

21. kickstart_getsoftwaredetails

Gets kickstart profile software details.

usage: kickstart_getsoftwaredetails KS_LABEL usage: kickstart_getsoftwaredetails KS_LABEL KS_LABEL2 ...

22. kickstart_getupdatetype

Get the update type for a kickstart profiles.

usage: kickstart_getupdatetype PROFILE usage: kickstart_getupdatetype PROFILE1 PROFILE2 usage: kickstart_getupdatetype "PROF*"

23. kickstart_import

Import a Kickstart profile from a file.

usage: kickstart_import [options]

  -f FILE
  -n NAME
  -v VIRT_TYPE ['none', 'para_host', 'qemu', 'xenfv', 'xenpv']

24. kickstart_import_raw

Import a raw Kickstart or AutoYaST profile from a file.

usage: kickstart_import_raw [options]

  -f FILE
  -n NAME
  -v VIRT_TYPE ['none', 'para_host', 'qemu', 'xenfv', 'xenpv']

25. kickstart_importjson

Import kickstart profiles from json file.

用法:kickstart_import <JSON 文件...>

26. kickstart_list

List the available Kickstart profiles.


27. kickstart_listactivationkeys

List the activation keys associated with a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_listactivationkeys PROFILE

28. kickstart_listchildchannels

List the child channels of a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_listchildchannels PROFILE

29. kickstart_listcryptokeys

List the crypto keys associated with a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_listcryptokeys PROFILE

30. kickstart_listcustomoptions

List the custom options of a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_listcustomoptions PROFILE

31. kickstart_listoptions

List the options of a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_listoptions PROFILE

32. kickstart_listpackages

List the packages for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_listpackages PROFILE

33. kickstart_listscripts

List the scripts for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_listscripts PROFILE

34. kickstart_listvariables

List the variables of a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_listvariables PROFILE

35. kickstart_removeactivationkeys

Remove activation keys from a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_removeactivationkeys PROFILE <密钥 ...>

36. kickstart_removechildchannels

Remove child channels from a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_removechildchannels PROFILE <频道 ...>

37. kickstart_removecryptokeys

Remove crypto keys from a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_removecryptokeys PROFILE <密钥 ...>

38. kickstart_removefilepreservations

Remove file preservations from a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_removefilepreservations PROFILE <文件 ...>

39. kickstart_removeoptions

Remove options from a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_removeoptions PROFILE <选项 ...>

40. kickstart_removepackages

Remove packages from a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_removepackages PROFILE <软件包 ...>

41. kickstart_removescript

Add a script to a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_removescript PROFILE [ID]

42. kickstart_removevariables

Remove variables from a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_removevariables PROFILE <密钥 ...>

43. kickstart_rename

Rename a Kickstart profile

用法:kickstart_rename OLDNAME NEWNAME

44. kickstart_setcustomoptions

Set custom options for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_setcustomoptions PROFILE

45. kickstart_setdistribution

Set the distribution for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_setdistribution PROFILE DISTRIBUTION

46. kickstart_setlocale

Set the locale for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_setlocale PROFILE LOCALE

47. kickstart_setpartitions

Set the partitioning scheme for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_setpartitions PROFILE

48. kickstart_setselinux

Set the SELinux mode for a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_setselinux PROFILE MODE

49. kickstartsetupdatetype

Set the update type for a kickstart profiles.

usage: kickstartsetupdatetype [options] KS_LABEL

    -u UPDATE_TYPE ['red_hat', 'all', 'none']

50. kickstart_updatevariable

Update a variable in a Kickstart profile.

用法:kickstart_updatevariable PROFILE KEY VALUE