Install Uyuni Retail Server with openSUSE

SUSE Manager for Retail Server can be installed on openSUSE.

For general requirements, see 要求.

有关 openSUSE Leap 最新版本和更新的详细信息,请参见

1. 在 openSUSE Leap 上安装 Uyuni

You install Uyuni as an add-on to openSUSE Leap.

Procedure: Installing Uyuni on openSUSE Leap
  1. 安装应用了所有可用服务包和软件包更新的 openSUSE Leap 作为基础系统。

  2. 通过 yast  系统  网络设置  主机名/DNS 配置一个可解析的完全限定域名 (FQDN)。

  3. 设置用于创建软件源的变量:

  4. root 身份添加用于安装 SUSE Manager Server 软件的软件源:

    zypper ar$repo uyuni-server-stable
  5. Refresh metadata from the repositories as root, and confirm the import of new GPG key into the keyring:

    zypper ref
  6. root 身份安装 SUSE Manager Server 的软件集:

    zypper in patterns-uyuni_server
  7. Install the pattern for the SUSE Manager for Retail product as root:

    zypper in patterns-uyuni_retail
  8. Reboot the SUSE Manager for Retail Server.

Continue with the server setup as described in Uyuni Server 设置.