Image List

The Images  Image List section displays your current operating system images.

Click Import to import a new Docker image. You can only import new images created from a Docker image using this mechanism. To import images based on Kiwi instead, see 이미지 빌드 및 관리.

Click Refresh to update the list.

Perform bulk actions by checking images in the list. Click Delete to bulk delete images.

Table 1. Image List Columns
Column Description


Name of the image.

Version and Revision

Version and revision of the image.


Any updates that are currently available for the image.

Patches and Packages

Any patches or packages that are currently available for the image.


The current status of the build: Built, Scheduled, Building or Failed.

Last Modified

The time and date the image was last modified.

For more information about images, see 이미지 빌드 및 관리.