Hub Installation

Before you begin, you need to install the hub-xmlrpc-api package, and configure the Hub Server to use the API.

Procedure: Installing and Configuring the Hub XMLRPC API
  1. On the Hub Server, or on a host that has access to all peripheral servers' XMLRPC APIs, install the hub-xmlrpc-api package. The package is available in the SUSE Manager 4.3 repositories.

  2. OPTIONAL: Set the Hub XMLRPC API service to start automatically at boot time, and start it immediately:

    sudo systemctl enable hub-xmlrpc-api.service
    sudo systemctl start hub-xmlrpc-api.service
  3. OPTIONAL: Check that these parameters in the /etc/hub/hub.conf configuration file are correct:

    • HUB_API_URL: URL to the Hub Server XMLRPC API endpoint. Use the default value if you are installing hub-xmlrpc-api on the Hub Server.

    • HUB_CONNECT_TIMEOUT: the maximum number of seconds to wait for a response when connecting to a Server. Use the default value in most cases.

    • HUB_REQUEST_TIMEOUT: the maximum number of seconds to wait for a response when calling a Server method. Use the default value in most cases.

    • HUB_CONNECT_USING_SSL: use HTTPS instead of HTTP for communicating with peripheral Servers. Recommended for a secure environment.

  4. Restart services to pick up configuration changes.

To use HTTPS to connect to peripheral Servers, you must set the HUB_CONNECT_USING_SSL parameter to true, and ensure that the SSL certificates for all the peripheral Servers are installed on the machine where the hub-xmlrpc-api service runs. Do this by copying the RHN-ORG-TRUSTED-SSL-CERT certificate file from each peripheral Server’s http://<server-url>/pub/ directory to /etc/pki/trust/anchors/, and run update-ca-certificates.