Channel List Menu

The Software  Channel List section allows you to view and manage software channels and packages on your clients.

For more information about software channels, see 소프트웨어 채널.

The Software  Channel List  All section displays a list of all software channels that are available to your organization.

Each software channel in the list shows a channel name, a provider, the number of packages and patches in the channel, and the number of clients currently subscribed to the channel. Click the plus sign next to the name of a parent channel to expand the entry and see all the related child channels. Click the channel name to see more information about the channel.

Within the Software  Channel List section you can select which subset of channels you would like to see by navigating to tabs, or the sub-menu items.

Table 1. Channel List Filters
Filter Description


All channels available to your organization.


Channels provided by SUSE.


Channels most subscribed to by clients in your organization.

My Channels

Software channels that belong to your organization, including custom channels.


Channels shared with others in the organizational trust.


Channels that have reached end-of-life and no longer receive updates.

For more information about software channels, see 소프트웨어 채널.