Set up a Client to Master Validation Fingerprint

In highly secure network configurations you may wish to ensure your Salt clients are connecting a specific master. To set up validation from client to master enter the master’s fingerprint within the /etc/salt/minion configuration file, see the following procedure:

Procedure: Adding Master’s Fingerprint to Client
  1. On the master, at the command prompt, as root, use this command to find the fingerprint:

    salt-key -F master

    On your client, open the /etc/salt/minion configuration file. Uncomment the following line and enter the master’s fingerprint replacing the example fingerprint:

    master_finger: 'ba:30:65:2a:d6:9e:20:4f:d8:b2:f3:a7:d4:65:11:13'
  2. Restart the salt-minion service:

    # systemctl restart salt-minion

For information on configuring security from a client, see