Client Configuration Guide Overview

Updated: 2024-05-06

Registering clients is the first step after installing SUSE Manager, and most of the time you spend with SUSE Manager is spent on maintaining those clients.

SUSE Manager is compatible with a range of client technologies: you can install traditional or Salt clients, running SUSE Linux Enterprise or another Linux operating system, with a range of hardware options.

For a complete list of supported clients and features, see Supported Clients and Features.

This guide discusses how to register and configure different clients, both manually and automatically.

This version of SUSE Manager is compatible with Salt and traditional clients (on some operating systems). SUSE will deprecate traditional clients in the next SUSE Manager 4.3 release.

The release that follows SUSE Manager 4.3 will not support traditional clients and is planned for 2023.

We encourage all new deployments to use Salt clients exclusively, and to migrate existing traditional clients to Salt.