Supported Clients and Features

SUSE Manager is compatible with a range of client technologies. You can install traditional or Salt clients, running SUSE Linux Enterprise or another Linux operating system, with a range of hardware options.

This section contains summary of supported client systems. For a detailed list of features available on each client, see the following pages.

This version of SUSE Manager is compatible with Salt and traditional clients (on some operating systems). SUSE will deprecate traditional clients in the next SUSE Manager 4.3 release.

The release that follows SUSE Manager 4.3 will not support traditional clients and is planned for 2023.

We encourage all new deployments to use Salt clients exclusively, and to migrate existing traditional clients to Salt.

1. Supported Client Systems

Supported operating systems for traditional and Salt clients are listed in this table.

The icons in this table indicate:

  • clients running this operating system are supported by SUSE

  • clients running this operating system are not supported by SUSE

  • clients are under consideration, and may or may not be supported at a later date.

Client operating system versions and SP levels must be under general support (normal or LTSS) to be supported with SUSE Manager. For details on supported product versions, see

The operating system running on a client is supported by the organization that supplies the operating system.

Table 1. Supported Client Systems
Operating System Architecture Traditional Clients Salt Clients

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, 12

x86-64, ppc64le, IBM Z, aarch64

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP 15, 12

x86-64, ppc64le

SLE Micro

x86-64, aarch64, s390x

openSUSE Leap 15

x86-64, aarch64

SUSE Liberty Linux 9, 8, 7


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ES 8, 7


AlmaLinux 9, 8

x86-64, aarch64

Amazon Linux 2

x86-64, aarch64

CentOS 7

x86-64, aarch64

Debian 12, 11, 10


Oracle Linux 9, 8, 7

x86-64, aarch64

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, 8, 7


Rocky Linux 9, 8

x86-64, aarch64

Ubuntu 22.04, 20.04


Debian and Ubuntu list the x86-64 architecture as amd64.

When the distibution reaches end-of-life, it enters grace period of 3 months when the support is considered deprecated. After that period, the product is considered unsupported. Any support may only be available on the best-effort basis.

For more information about end-of-life dates, see

2. Supported Tools Packages

The spacewalk-utils and spacewalk-utils-extras packages can provide additional services and features.

The spacewalk-utils package in SUSE Manager is fully supported by SUSE, and contains these tools:

Table 2. Spacewalk Utilities
Tool Name Description Supported?


Add channels not provided by SUSE Customer Center


Change the hostname of the SUSE Manager Server


Clone channels by a specific date


Set up ISS master and slave organization mappings


Manage channel lifecycles

The spacewalk-utils-extras package in SUSE Manager has limited support by SUSE.