The Systems  Details  Properties section allows you to edit details about the selected client, including the system name and details.

Table 1. Edit System Details Settings
Setting Name Description Default Setting

System Name

The name of the system to use within the SUSE Manager Web UI.

The hostname of the client.

Base System Type

The type of base system used by the client.

Shown for information only, you cannot edit this.

Add-on System Types

Check additional system types to add features such as build hosts, or monitoring.

Only available system types for this client are shown.


Check to receive notifications of updates or patches, and to include this client in the daily summary.


Auto Patch Update

Check to have available patches automatically applied.



This field can contain any text you want.

The operating system, release, and architecture of the system when it first registered to SUSE Manager.

Facility Address

The physical location of the client.