Organization Configuration

The Home  My Organization  Configuration section allows you to configure your current organization.

Table 1. Organization Configuration Options
Option Description Default

Enable staging contents

For clients in this organization, allow content staging by default.


Enable Errata E-mail Notifications

For users in this organization, send email notifications when errata (patches) are available.


Enable Upload of Detailed SCAP Files

Allow detailed SCAP content files to be uploaded for auditing.


SCAP File Upload Size Limit

The maximum SCAP file size (in MB) that can be uploaded.

2048 MB

Allow Deletion of SCAP Results

Allow SCAP results to be deleted after the audit is complete.


Allow Deletion After

The number of days after an SCAP audit is complete, that results can be deleted.

90 days

Synchronize patches on Content Lifecycle Management build

Controls whether the patch attributes and affected packages should be synchronized to cloned patches when building a content Project