Service Pack Upgrade via Web UI

If you want to migrate the registered SUSE Linux Enterprise client’s service pack (SP) to a newer version, it can be done either on the command line or via Web UI.

This document describes and illustrates in detail the migration using the Web UI.

SP versions used are not reflective of the actual latest versions available. They are used for illustration purposes only.

Procedure: Migrating service pack to a newer version using Web UI
  1. Log in to SUSE Manager Web UI and navigate to Admin  Products and search for "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 x86_64 (BETA)"

  2. Select the recommended channels.

  3. Click Add Products.

  4. Navigate to Systems  registered client  Software  SP Migration. You will see two targets, SP4 and SP5.

  5. Select SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 x86_64 (BETA). This will expand further as shown below.

  6. Select Target Base Channel as SLE-Product-SLES15-SP5-Pool for x86_64 and keep Allow Vendor Change unchecked.

  7. Click Schedule Migration and it will highlight message It is better to do a dry run first so continuing with dry run first.

  8. Click Dry-run and check the status of the simulation in Events  History. You should see a return code 0 meaning successful.

  9. Now you may click Schedule Migration to actually migrate the server. Following message will get highlighted on top of the screen in SUSE Manager Web UI.

  10. When the migration is complete, check the status in Events  History.

  11. On the client side also you can verify it by running:

    cat /etc/os-release
  12. The output will look similar to:

    PRETTY_NAME="SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5"
  13. On the SUSE Manager Web UI side, you can verify the succesfully completed migration by going to Systems  registered client  Detail.