Channel Management

Channels are a method of grouping software packages.

In SUSE Manager, channels are grouped into base and child channels, with base channels grouped by operating system type, version, and architecture, and child channels being compatible with their related base channel. When a client has been assigned to a base channel, it is only possible for that system to install the related child channels. Organizing channels in this way ensures that only compatible packages are installed on each system.

Software channels use repositories to provide packages. The channels mirror the repositories in SUSE Manager, and the package names and other data are stored in the SUSE Manager database. You can have any number of repositories associated with a channel. The software from those repositories can then be installed on clients by subscribing the client to the appropriate channel.

Clients can only be assigned to one base channel. The client can then install or update packages from the repositories associated with that base channel and any of its child channels.

SUSE Manager provides a number of vendor channels, which provide you everything you need to run SUSE Manager. SUSE Manager Administrators and Channel Administrators have channel management authority, which gives them the ability to create and manage their own custom channels. If you want to use your own packages in your environment, you can create custom channels. Custom channels can be used as a base channel, or you can associate them with a vendor base channel.

For more on creating custom channels, see Custom Channels.

1. Channel Administration

By default, any user can subscribe channels to a system. You can implement restrictions on the channel using the Web UI.

Procedure: Restricting Subscriber Access to a Channel
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, navigate to Software  Channel List, and select the channel to edit.

  2. Locate the Per-User Subscription Restrictions section and check Only selected users within your organization may subscribe to this channel. Click Update to save the changes.

  3. Navigate to the Subscribers tab and select or deselect users as required.

2. Delete Channels

You can delete vendor software channels from the command prompt.

Procedure: Deleting Vendor Channels
  1. On the SUSE Manager Server, at the command prompt, as root, list the available vendor channels, and make a note of the channel you want to delete:

    mgr-sync list channels
  2. Delete the channel:

    spacewalk-remove-channel -c <channel-name>