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The following API command and its options are available for calling the XML-RPC API directly. Calling the API directly allows you to use the latest features in SUSE Manager from the command-line using spacecmd as a wrapper for stand-alone commands or used from within scripts.

To gain access to the latest feature additions call api api.getApiCallList from within spacecmd to list all currently available API commands formatted in json.

1. api_

Call XML-RPC API with arguments directly.

usage: api [options] API_STRING

  -A, --args  Arguments for the API other than session id in comma separated
              strings or JSON expression
  -F, --format   Output format
  -o, --output   Output file

  api api.getApiCallList
  api --args "sysgroup_A" systemgroup.listSystems
  api -A "rhel-i386-server-5,2011-04-01,2011-05-01" -F "%(name)s" \