Large Deployments Guide Overview

Updated: 2024-07-12

SUSE Manager is designed by default to work on small and medium scale installations. For installations with more than 1000 clients per SUSE Manager Server, adequate hardware sizing and parameter tuning must be performed.

There is no hard maximum number of supported systems. Many factors can affect how many clients can reliably be used in a particular installation. Factors can include which features are used, and how the hardware and systems are configured.

There are two main ways to manage large scale deployments. You can manage them with a single SUSE Manager Server, or you can use multiple servers in a hub. Both methods are described in this book.

With large scale environments one should also consider the usage of SUSE Manager Proxies. Sizing and location of the Proxies will dependent on the deployment topology. For more information see Install SUSE Manager Proxy from Packages.

Additionally, if you are operating within a Retail environment, you can use SUSE Manager for Retail to manage large deployments of point-of-service terminals. There is an introduction to SUSE Manager for Retail in this book.

Tuning and monitoring large scale deployments can differ from smaller installations. This book contains guidance for both tuning and monitoring within larger installations.