Command Line Tools

To access a shell inside the Server container, run mgrctl term on the container host. From there, one can run the CLI tools as usual.

There are several command line tools available in SUSE Manager. Every action that can be completed using the Web UI can be performed at a command prompt instead. Additionally, there are some actions that can only be performed at the command prompt.

Manage package and channel synchronization with:

  • spacewalk-repo-sync

  • mgr-sync

Manage bootstrapping with:

  • mgr-create-bootstrap-repo

Manage the database with:

  • smdba

Some of these command line tools are installed by default. To install a command line tool, you can use the SUSE Manager Web UI, or use your package manager at the command prompt.

Procedure: Installing Command Line Tools with the WebUI
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, navigate to Systems  System List, select the client to install the tool on, and navigate to the Software  Packages  Install sub-tab.

  2. Use the search tool to search for the command line tool you want to install.

  3. Check the package to install, and click Install Selected Packages.

  4. Click Confirm to begin installation.

Procedure: Installing Command Line Tools from the Command Prompt
  1. On the client that you want to install the packages on, at the command prompt, as root, use zypper to install the package:

    zypper in <CLI_TOOL_NAME>