Troubleshooting Disabling the FQDNS grain

The FQDNS grain returns the list of all the fully qualified DNS services in the system. Collecting this information is usually a fast process, but if the DNS settings have been misconfigured, it could take a much longer time. In some cases, the client could become unresponsive, or crash.

To prevent this problem, you can disable the FQDNS grain with a Salt flag. If you disable the grain, you can use a network module to provide FQDNS services, without the risk of the client becoming unresponsive.

This only applies to older Salt clients. If you registered your Salt client recently, the FQDNS grain is disabled by default.

On the SUSE Manager Server, at the command prompt, use this command to disable the FQDNS grain:

salt '*' state.sls util.mgr_disable_fqdns_grain

This command restarts each client and generate Salt events that the server needs to process. If you have a large number of clients, you can execute the command in batch mode instead:

salt --batch-size 50 '*' state.sls util.mgr_disable_fqdns_grain

Wait for the batch command to finish executing. Do not interrupt the process with Ctrl+C.