TFTPd Formula

The TFTPd formula is used to configure the TFTP service on the SUSE Manager for Retail branch server.

The formula is used only for connecting SUSE Manager Proxy 4.3. with SUSE Manager Server 5.0. Do not use this formula if you want to connect SUSE Manager Proxy 5.0.

Procedure: Configuring TFTP
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, open the details page for the branch server, and navigate to the Formulas tab.

  2. Select the Tftpd formula, and click Save.

  3. Navigate to the Formulas  Tftpd tab, and set these parameters:

    • In the Internal Network Address field, enter the IP address of the branch server (for example:

    • In the TFTP Base Directory field, enter the path to the Saltboot directory (for example, /srv/saltboot).

    • In the Run TFTP Under User field, enter saltboot.

  4. Click Save Formula to save your configuration.

  5. Apply the highstate.