The following spacecmd functions are available for working with OpenSCAP.

1. scap_getxccdfscandetails

Get details of given OpenSCAP XCCDF scan.

usage: scap_getxccdfscandetails <XID>

2. scap_getxccdfscanruleresults

Return a full list of RuleResults for given OpenSCAP XCCDF scan.

usage: scap_getxccdfscanruleresults <XID>

3. scap_listxccdfscans

Return a list of finished OpenSCAP scans for given systems.

usage: scap_listxccdfscans <SYSTEMS>

4. scap_schedulexccdfscan

Schedule Scap XCCDF scan.

usage: scap_schedulexccdfscan PATH_TO_XCCDF_FILE XCCDF_OPTIONS SYSTEMS

> scap_schedulexccdfscan '/usr/share/openscap/scap-security-xccdf.xml' 'profile Web-Default' \