Unattended Provisioning

You can use an API call to declare an association between a client identified by its MAC address and an autoinstallation profile. Next time the system reboots, it starts the installation based on the specified profile.

Procedure: Reinstallation From a Manually Declared Profile
  1. On the SUSE Manager Server, at the command prompt, use the system.createSystemRecord API call. In this example, replace name with the name of your client, <profile> with the profile label, <iface> with the name of the interface on the client such as eth0, and <hw_addr> with its hardware address such as 00:25:22:71:e7:c6:

    $ spacecmd api -- --args '["<name>", "<profile>", "", "", \
      [ {"name": "<iface>", "mac": "<hw_addr>"} ]]' \
  2. Power on the client. It boots from the network, and the correct profile is selected for installation.

This command creates a system record at Cobbler. You may also specify additional parameters, like kernel options, the IP address of the client, and its domain name. For more information, see the API documentation for createSystemRecord call.