The following spacecmd functions are available for working with packages.

1. package_details

Show the details of a software package.

usage: package_details PACKAGE ...

2. package_listdependencies

List the dependencies for a package.

usage: package_listdependencies PACKAGE

3. package_listerrata

List the errata that provide this package.

usage: package_listerrata PACKAGE ...

4. package_listinstalledsystems

List the systems with a package installed.

usage: package_listinstalledsystems PACKAGE ...

5. package_listorphans

List packages that are not in a channel.

usage: package_listorphans

6. package_remove

Remove a package from SUSE Manager/Satellite

usage: package_remove PACKAGE ...

7. package_removeorphans

Remove packages that are not in a channel.

usage: package_removeorphans

Find packages that meet the given criteria.

usage: package_search NAME|QUERY
Example: package_search kernel

Advanced Search

Available Fields: name, epoch, version, release, arch, description, summary

Example: name:kernel AND version:2.6.18 AND -description:devel