Reinstall Registered Systems

The in-place reinstallation starts from the local client system. There is therefore no need for the client to be able to boot over network with PXE.

To reinstall a registered client in-place, you must define an autoinstallable distribution and an autoinstallation profile. For information, see Autoinstallable Distributions and Autoinstallation Profiles.

When you have defined the autoinstallation profile and distribution, you can perform the reinstallation.

Procedure: Reinstall an Already Registered Client
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, navigate to Systems  Systems List, select the client to reinstall, and go to the Provisioning  Autoinstallation  Schedule subtab.

  2. Select the autoinstallation profile that you prepared, select a proxy if needed, and click Schedule Autoinstallation and Finish.

  3. You can monitor progress of the installation by navigating to Provisioning  Autoinstallation  Session Status, or on the client directly. The client reboots, and in the boot menu selects a new choice called reinstall-system.

The installation then proceeds over HTTP protocol.