PAYG Limitations

1. Onboarded BYOS Instances without SCC Credentials

Valid SUSE Customer Center credentials are needed to manage Bring-your-own-subscription (BYOS) instances of SUSE products in SUSE Manager PAYG. This applies to all SUSE products except SUSE Manager Proxy BYOS. Without any SCC credentials, SUSE Manager PAYG will not allow onboarding any of the mentioned BYOS instances. The user will get an error.

There is a possibility that the user has valid SCC credentials set with already synced-up channels and the BYOS onboarded, but at some point decides to delete those credentials.

In the scenario of having already onboarded BYOS instances but no SCC credentials set, the following restrictions apply:

  • A warning message will be shown to the user to let them know that they will not be able to manage those instances.

  • Non-compliant BYOS instances will not be able to be managed neither through Salt or Salt-SSH. This applies to individual server management, SSM and action-chains. When dealing with several servers at once, as long as there is one non-compliant BYOS instance among them, the entire action/action-chain will be aborted for all servers.

  • Non-compliant BYOS instances will not be able to access any repository hosted in SUSE Manager PAYG as long as SCC credentials are not set. SUSE Manager PAYG will return HTTP 401 Unauthorized until the situation is amended, that is trying to install or upgrade packages using zypper from those machines directly will not work.