Client Deletion

If you need to remove a client from your SUSE Manager Server, you can:

  • use the Web UI to delete it

  • remove a client from the command line.

1. Delete a Client with the Web UI

Procedure: Deleting a Client
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, navigate to Systems  System List and select the client to delete.

  2. Click Delete System.

  3. Check the details and click Delete Profile to confirm.

  4. For Salt clients, SUSE Manager attempts to clean up additional configuration. If the client cannot be contacted, you are given the option to cancel the deletion, or delete the client without cleaning up the configuration files.

You can also delete multiple clients using the System Set Manager. For more information about the System Set Manager, see System Set Manager.

Cleaning up a client only disables Salt and stops the service if possible. It does not uninstall the package.

2. Delete a Client on the Command Line (with API Call)

Procedure: Deleting a Client from the Server
  1. Delete the client with the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name):

    spacecmd system_delete FQDN

    spacecmd system_delete also deletes the Salt key.

system_delete offers the following options:

usage: system_delete [options] <SYSTEMS>

          -c TYPE - Possible values:
             *  'FAIL_ON_CLEANUP_ERR' - fail in case of cleanup error,
             *  'NO_CLEANUP' - do not cleanup, just delete,
             *  'FORCE_DELETE' - try cleanup first but delete server anyway
	        in case of error

3. Delete a Client from the Command Line

This process is for SUSE Manager clients only. Do not run it on the SUSE Manager Server itself.

You must not execute the following procedure on clients running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, or clones. Instead of zypper use equivalent packager commands such as yum, dnf, or apt.

Procedure: Deleting SLES 12 and 15 Clients
  1. Stop the salt-minion service:

    systemctl stop salt-minion
  2. Remove the repositories and configuration files:

    rm /etc/zypp/repos.d/susemanager\:channels.repo
    rm -r /etc/sysconfig/rhn/
    rm -r /etc/salt/
  3. Remove Client Packages:

    zypper rm salt salt-minion python*-salt sle-manager-tools-release
Procedure: Salt Bundle Client - Manual Registration Cleanup
  1. To unregister, run:

    systemctl stop venv-salt-minion
    zypper rm -y venv-salt-minion
    rm /etc/zypp/repos.d/susemanager\:channels.repo /etc/venv-salt-minion/*
    rm -r /etc/venv-salt-minion/*

For information about the Salt bundle, see Salt Bundle.