Channel Management CLI Tools

To access a shell inside the Server container, run mgrctl term on the container host. From there, one can run the CLI tools as usual.

There are tools for managing channels on the server. With spacewalk-remove-channel, list and delete channels in various ways.

1. Manage Channels with spacewalk-remove-channel

Usage: spacewalk-remove-channel [options]

The use of spacewalk-remove-channel is to remove channels in various ways.

The available commands and arguments for spacewalk-remove-channel are listed in this table. Use this syntax for spacewalk-remove-channel commands:

spacewalk-remove-channel [options]

The spacewalk-remove-channel tool has these primary commands:

Table 1. spacewalk-remove-channel Options
Option Description Example Use


List defined channels and exit.

spacewalk-remove-channel --list


Delete this channel (can be present multiple times).

spacewalk-remove-channel --channel=CHANNEL


Delete this channel and its child channels (can be present multiple times).

spacewalk-remove-channel --channel-with-children=CHANNEL_WITH_CHILDREN


Unsubscribe systems registered to the specified channels. Note: Credentials are needed

spacewalk-remove-channel --unsubscribe


Delete only from the database, do not remove files from disk.

spacewalk-remove-channel --justdb


Remove only the kickstart trees for the channels specified.

spacewalk-remove-channel --just-kickstart-trees


Remove only packages from channel not the channel itself.

spacewalk-remove-channel --skip-channels

For a complete list of options and abbreviated options, see the --help output or the spacewalk-remove-channel manpage:

man spacewalk-remove-channel

For more information, see Removing Channel.