Software Products

In SUSE Manager, software is made available in products. Your SUSE subscription allows you to access a range of different products, which you can browse and select in the SUSE Manager Web UI by navigating to Admin  Setup Wizard  Products.

Products contain any number of software channels. Click the Show product’s channels icon to see the channels included in the product. When you have added a product and synchronized successfully, you have access to the channels provided by the product, and can use the packages in the product on your SUSE Manager Server and clients.

Procedure: Adding Software Channels
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, navigate to Admin  Setup Wizard  Products.

  2. Locate the appropriate products for your client operating system and architecture using the search bar, and check the appropriate product. This will automatically check all mandatory channels. Also all recommended channels are checked as long as the include recommended toggle is turned on. Click the arrow to see the complete list of related products, and ensure that any extra products you require are checked.

  3. Click Add Products and wait until the products have finished synchronizing.