Miscellaneous Help Topics

Table of Contents

The following help topics are printed with all functions requiring the relevant information.

1. time

Dates can be any of the following:

Explicit Dates:
Dates can be expressed as explicit date strings in the YYYYMMDD[HHMM] format.
The year, month and day are required, while the hours and minutes are not; the hours and minutes will default to 0000 if no values are provided.

Dates can be expressed as delta values.
For example, '2h' would mean 2 hours in the future.
You can also use negative values to express times in the past (e.g., -7d would be one week ago).

s -> seconds
m -> minutes
h -> hours
d -> days

2. systems

<SYSTEMS> can be any of the following:

ssm (see 'help ssm')
search:QUERY (see 'help system_search')

3. ssm

The System Set Manager (SSM) is a group of systems that you can perform tasks on as a group.

Adding Systems:
> ssm_add group:rhel5-x86_64
> ssm_add channel:rhel-x86_64-server-5
> ssm_add search:device:vmware
> ssm_add host.example.com

> ssm_add group:rhel5-x86_64
> ssm_intersect group:web-servers

Using the SSM:
> system_installpackage ssm zsh
> system_runscript ssm