Initial setup

Procedure: Login and update the system
  1. SSH into your AWS instance.

  2. Switch to the root user and update the system.

    sudo -i
  3. Reboot the system.

  4. Configure storage with the mgr-storage-server tool or in the case of the proxy use mgr-storage-proxy.

    • For more information, see mgr-storage-server --help or mgr-storage-proxy --help.

This tool simplifies creating the container storage and database volumes.

  1. Format the command in the following manner:

    mgr-storage-server <storage-disk-device> [<database-disk-device>]
    #For example:
    mgr-storage-server /dev/nvme1n1 /dev/nvme2n1

    This command will create the following persistent storage volumes at /var/lib/containers/storage/volumes:

    For more information, see List of persistent storage volumes.

  2. Run mgradm install podman <FQDN> as root.