Update Containers

Before running the upgrade command, it is recommended to upgrade the mgrpxy tool first.

  1. One can do so by running the following command:

  2. If updates were applied, reboot.

  3. The SUSE Manager 5.0 Proxy containers running on podman can be updated using the following command:

    mgrpxy upgrade podman

Those running on a Kubernetes cluster can update using:

mgrpxy upgrade kubernetes
Upgrading to specific version

If you do not specify the tag parameter, it will default to upgrading to the most recent version. To upgrade to a specific version, provide the tag parameter with the desired image tag.

While there is an option to upgrade a specific container using its specific tag, this feature is intended for applying PTFs only. We highly recommend using the same tag for all proxy containers to ensure consistency under normal circumstances.

For air-gapped installations, first upgrade the container RPM packages, then run the mgradm command.