Obtaining the SUSE Manager Server PAYG public cloud image on AWS

Follow these step-by-step instructions to locate the SUSE Manager 5.0 PAYG image on AWS. You can also review the latest available images for the public cloud using Pint (Public Cloud Information Tracker).

Procedure: Obtaining the SUSE Manager PAYG image on AWS
  1. In your browser navigate to the AWS Management Console.

  2. Enter your AWS credentials and login.

  3. From the AWS Management Console dashboard, locate the Services dropdown.

  4. From the menu select EC2 under the Compute section.

  5. In the EC2 dashboard, in the main content section, you’ll find the Launch Instance button. Click it.

  6. From the Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) page. Select Browse more AMIs

  7. Search for SUSE Manager

  8. Depending on your location select your AMI image.

    • SUSE Manager Server Family (EU and UK only)

    • SUSE Manager Server Family (non-EU and non-UK-only).

  9. Click Select.

  10. Proceed for image configuration.