Autoinstallation Overview

The Systems  Autoinstallation  Overview section displays an overview of your autoinstallation settings, including clients that are autoinstalling, or scheduled to be autoinstalled.

The Systems  Details  Overview subtab is split into sections:

Autoinstallation Summary

This section lists the AutoYaST and Kickstart profiles currently available, and the number of clients installed with each profile.

Autoinstallation Actions

This section provides links to actions related to autoinstallation. You can also access these using the Systems  Autoinstallation menu.

Systems Currently Autoinstalling

This section lists all clients that are currently autoinstalling, along with their status.

Systems Scheduled to be Autoinstalled

This section lists all clients that are scheduled for autoinstallation, along with their status.

Click Create Kickstart Profile to create a new Kickstart profile. Click Upload Kickstart/AutoYaST File to upload a new autoinstallation file.

For more information about autoinstallation, see Operating System Installation.