Custom YAML Configuration and Deployment with mgradm

You have the option to create a custom mgradm.yaml file, which the mgradm tool can utilize during deployment.

mgradm will prompt for basic variables if they are not provided using command line parameters or the mgradm.yaml configuration file.

For security, using command line parameters to specify passwords should be avoided: use a configuration file with proper permissions instead.

Procedure: Deploying the SUSE Manager container with Podman using a custom configuration file
  1. Prepare a configuration file named mgradm.yaml similar to the following example:

    # Database password. Randomly generated by default
      password: MySuperSecretDBPass
    # Password for the CA certificate
      password: MySuperSecretSSLPassword
    # Your SUSE Customer Center credentials
      user: ccUsername
      password: ccPassword
    # Organization name
    organization: YourOrganization
    # Email address sending the notifications
    # Administrators account details
      password: MySuperSecretAdminPass
      login: LoginName
      firstName: Admin
      lastName: Admin
  2. From the terminal, as root, run the following command. Entering your server’s FQDN is optional.

    mgradm -c mgradm.yaml install podman <FQDN>

    You must deploy the container as sudo or root. The following error will be displayed on the terminal if you miss this step.

    INF Setting up uyuni network
    9:58AM INF Enabling system service
    9:58AM FTL Failed to open /etc/systemd/system/uyuni-server.service for writing error="open /etc/systemd/system/uyuni-server.service: permission denied"
  3. Wait for deployment to complete.

  4. Open a browser and proceed to your server’s FQDN or IP address.

In this section you learned how to deploy an SUSE Manager 5.0 Server container using a custom YAML configuration.