Deploy SUSE Manager 5.0 Server as a Virtual Machine

This chapter provides the required Virtual Machine settings for deployment of SUSE Manager 5.0 as an Image. KVM will be combined with Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) as a sandbox for this installation.

The preferred method for deploying SUSE Manager 5.0 Server is to use one of the following available images. All tools are included in these images greatly simplifying deployment.

1. Available Images

Images for SUSE Manager 5.0 are available at SUSE Manager 5.0 VM images.

Table 1. Available Server Images
Architecture Image Format


qcow2, vmdk


qcow2, vmdk, raw, Self Installer


raw, Self Installer

* s390x

qcow2, raw

* Two storage options are available for s390x: CDL DASD and FBA.

2. Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) Settings

Enter the following settings when creating a new virtual machine using virt-manager.

This table specifies the minimum requirements. These are suitable for a quick test installation, such as a server with one client. If you want to use a production environment, review the requirements listed in Hardware Requirements.

KVM Settings

Installation Method

Import Existing Disk Image




SUSE Manager-Server.x86_64-5.0.0-Build16.10.qcow2


16 GB



Storage Format:

.qcow2 100 GB (Default) Root Partition




Bridge br0

3. Initial KVM Setup

Procedure: Creating Initial Setup
  1. Create a new virtual machine using the downloaded Minimal KVM image and select Import existing disk image.

  2. Configure RAM and number of CPUs (at least 16 GB RAM and 4 CPUs).

  3. Name your KVM machine.

  4. Click Begin Installation to boot from the image.

  5. At the JeOS Firstboot screen select start to continue.

    jeos firstboot
  6. Select keyboard layout.

    select keyboard
  7. Accept the license agreement.

    accept license agreement
  8. Select your time zone.

    enter timezone
  9. Enter a password for root.

    root password
  10. Once installation completes login as root.

  11. Proceed to the next section.

4. Register SL Micro and SUSE Manager 5.0 Server

Procedure: Registering SL Micro and SUSE Manager 5.0
  1. Boot the virtual machine.

  2. Log in as root.

  3. Register SL Micro with SCC.

    transactional-update register -r <REGCODE> -e <your_email>
  4. Reboot.

  5. Register SUSE Manager 5.0 with SUSE Customer Center.

    transactional-update register -p SUSE-Manager-Server/5.0/x86_64 -r <REGCODE>
  6. Reboot

  7. Update the system:

  8. If updates were applied reboot.

  9. This step is optional. However, if custom persistent storage is required for your infrastructure, use the mgr-storage-server tool.

    • For more information, see mgr-storage-server --help. This tool simplifies creating the container storage and database volumes.

    • Use the command in the following manner:

      mgr-storage-server <storage-disk-device> [<database-disk-device>]

      For example:

      mgr-storage-server /dev/nvme1n1 /dev/nvme2n1

      This command will create the persistent storage volumes at /var/lib/containers/storage/volumes.

      For more information, see List of persistent storage volumes.

  10. Otherwise run the following command to deploy SUSE Manager:

    mgradm install podman <FQDN>