Image Synchronization Formula

The Image Synchronization formula is used to configure when OS images are synchronized to the branch server, and to specify which images to synchronize.

If this formula is not enabled, synchronization must be started manually, and all images will be synchronized.

Procedure: Configuring Image Synchronization
  1. In the SUSE Manager Web UI, open the details page for the branch server, and navigate to the Formulas tab.

  2. Check the Image Synchronize formula, and click Save.

  3. Navigate to the Formulas  Image Synchronize tab, and set these parameters:

    • Check the Include Image Synchronization in Highstate field to have image synchronization occur every time highstate is applied. This ensures that you do not have to perform image synchronization manually, however it requires a high bandwidth environment.

    • In the Synchronize only the listed images field, click Add item to add the images you want to have synchronized automatically. Alternatively, you can leave this list blank to have all images synchronized.

  4. Click Save Formula to save your configuration.

  5. Apply the highstate.

The Image Synchronization state does not delete cached images. If you are running out of disk space, check the size of the Salt client cache directory, and delete it if required. By default, the directory is located at /var/cache/salt/minion.