Setup Wizard

The Admin  Setup Wizard section helps you configure SUSE Manager. It is the default page when you use the SUSE Manager Web UI for the first time.

Table 1. Setup Wizard Options
Option Description

HTTP Proxy

Configure an HTTP proxy connection.

Organization Credentials

Configure an organization for accessing SUSE Customer Center.


View product entitlements and subscribe to product channels.

1. Configure the HTTP Proxy

SUSE Manager can connect to the SUSE Customer Center (SCC) or other remote servers using a proxy. Navigate to the HTTP Proxy tab to configure the proxy.

You will need to provide the hostname of the proxy. Use the syntax <hostname>:<port>. For example: <>:8080.

You can disable use of the proxy by clearing the fields.

When choosing a username or password for your SUSE Manager Proxy, ensure it does not contain an @ or : character. These characters are reserved.

2. Configure Organization Credentials

Your SUSE Customer Center account is associated with the administration account of your organization. You can share your SUSE Customer Center access with other users within your organization. Navigate to the Organization Credentials tab to grant users within your organization access to your SUSE Customer Center account.

Click Add a new credential, enter the username and password of the user to grant access to, and click Save. A new credential card is shown for the user you have granted access to. Use these buttons on the card to edit or revoke access:

  • Check credential validation status (green tick or red cross icon). To re-check the credential with SCC, click the icon.

  • Set the primary credentials for inter-server synchronization (yellow star icon).

  • List the subscriptions related to a certain credential (list icon).

  • Edit the credential (pencil icon).

  • Delete the credential (trash can icon).

3. Configure Products

Your SUSE subscription entitles you to access a range of products. Navigate to the Products tab to browse the products available to you and synchronize SUSE Manager with SUSE Customer Center.

Filters help you search for products by description or architecture.

The list is organized by product name showing products on top which have a subscription. Freely available products appear at the end of the list. For each product, you can see the architecture it can be used on. Click the arrow next to the product name to see associated channels and extensions. Click the Channels icon to see the complete list of channels associated with each product.

For products based on SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 and above, you can choose to only synchronize required packages, or to also include recommended products. Toggle the include recommended switch on to synchronize all products, and toggle the switch off to synchronize only required products.

You can further refine which products you want to synchronize by selecting or deselecting individual product.

When you have completed your selection, click Add products, and click Refresh to schedule the synchronization.

Synchronization progress for each product is shown in a progress bar next to the product name. Depending on the products you have chosen, synchronization can take up to several hours. New products will be available for you to use in SUSE Manager when synchronization is complete.

If your synchronization fails, it could be because of a third party GPG key or your company firewall blocking access to the download server. Please check the notification details for the error. For more information about troubleshooting product synchronization, see Troubleshooting Synchronization.