Often Used Salt Commands

This section contains the most commonly used Salt commands. For a complete list of available Salt commands, see https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest/ref/cli/index.html.


Display all clients that are running:

salt-run manage.up

Display all clients that are not running:

salt-run manage.down

Display the current status of all Salt clients:

salt-run manage.status

Check the version of Salt running on the SUSE Manager Server and active clients:

salt-run manage.versions

Copy a file to a client or set of clients:

salt-cp '*' foo.conf /root
salt-key -l

List public keys:

salt-key -l all
salt-key -a my-minion

Accept pending key for a minion:

salt-key -a my-minion
salt-key -A

Accept all pending keys:

salt-key -A
salt grains

List all available grains:

salt '*' grains.ls

List collected grain system data:

salt '*' grains.items