Troubleshooting Bootstrap Repository for End-of-Life Products

When supported products are synchronized, bootstrap repositories are automatically created and regenerated on the SUSE Manager Server. When a product reaches end-of-life and becomes unsupported, bootstrap repositories must be created manually if you want to continue using the product.

For more information about bootstrap repositories, see Bootstrap Repository.

Procedure: Creating Bootstrap Repositories for End-Of-Life Products
  1. At the command prompt on the SUSE Manager Server, as root, list the available unsupported bootstrap repositories with the --force option, for example:

    mgr-create-bootstrap-repo --list --force
    1. SLE-12-SP2-x86_64
    2. SLE-12-SP3-x86_64
  2. Create the bootstrap repository, using the appropriate repository name as the product label:

    mgr-create-bootstrap-repo --create SLE-12-SP2-x86_64 --force

If you do not want to create bootstrap repositories manually, you can check whether LTSS is available for the product and bootstrap repository you need.