Bootstrapping Command Line Tools

The mgr-create-bootstrap-repo tool allows you to create a bootstrap repository.

Use the mgr-create-bootstrap-repo command on the SUSE Manager Server to create a new bootstrap repository. The -l option lists all available repositories:

mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -l

Give the repository name to create the bootstrap repository you require:

mgr-create-bootstrap-repo <repo-name>

You can also create a new bootstrap repository from a custom channel, with the --with-custom-channels option:

mgr-create-bootstrap-repo --with-custom-channels

If you create a bootstrap repository that contains custom channels, and later attempt to rebuild with the mgr-create-bootstrap-repo command, the custom channel information will remain in the bootstrap repository. To remove custom channel information from your bootstrap repository, use the --flush option when you rebuild:

mgr-create-bootstrap-repo --flush