Public cloud support

1. BYOS and PAYG support

Regardless of the public cloud service you use or the plan you choose, SUSE has you covered with support. Where you get support is dependent on whether you bring your own subscription (BYOS) or you use SUSE products on-demand (PAYG).


BYOS instances are supported by SUSE under the terms of your SUSE subscription. For an overview of SUSE’s support subscriptions, refer to


SUSE Manager PAYG instances include support by SUSE.

To open a ticket for PAYG, see

Public Cloud Guide

For more information on cloud products and support, see the SUSE public cloud guide:

Public Cloud Information Tracker (Pint)

The Public Cloud Information Tracker (PINT) provides information about the images SUSE publishes and servers that are part of the SUSE operated update infrastructure. PINT is available at and provided as an API and command-line tool with the python3-susepubliccloudinfo package from the Public Cloud Module repository.

2. Collecting system information with supportconfig

To create a TAR archive with detailed system information that you can hand over to Global Technical Support, use the command supportconfig. The command-line tool is provided by the package supportutils which is installed by default.

Depending on which packages are installed on your system, some of these packages integrate supportconfig plug-ins. When supportconfig is executed, all plug-ins are executed as well, creating one or more result files for the archive. This has the benefit that the only topics checked are those that contain a specific plug-in for them. supportconfig plug-ins are stored in the directory /usr/lib/supportconfig/plugins/.

The following procedure shows how to create a Supportconfig archive, but without submitting it to support directly.

Procedure: Creating a supportconfig archive
  1. Run supportconfig as root. Usually, it is enough to run this tool without any options. Some options are very common and are displayed in the following list:

    Listing 1. Options:
    Sets your contact data: e-mail address (-E)
    Company name (-O)
    Your name (-N)
    Your phone number (-P)
    -i KEYWORDS, -F
    Limits the features to check.
    The placeholder KEYWORDS is a comma-separated list of case-sensitive keywords.
    Get a list of all keywords with supportconfig -F.
  2. Wait for the tool to complete the operation.

  3. The default archive location is /var/log, with the file name format being scc_HOST_DATE_TIME.txz

3. Opening a new support case

To open a new support case for your cloud pay-as-you-go instance, you need to generate a supportconfig file and then follow the steps listed on:

4. Billing services and troubleshooting

4.1. billing-data-service

Serves billing data from SUSE Manager for the CSP-billing-adapter. The service is reachable at:

This service is maintained by the SUSE Manager team. This service only logs to systemd journal.

Billing services must be running or spacewalk will refuse to start.

4.2. csp-billing-adapter-service

This service reports the billing data to the cloud provider (AWS, AZURE, GCP). These logs are stored in:

  • /var/log/csp_billing_adapter.log

Additional status information can be located in:

  • /var/lib/csp-billing-adapter/csp-config.json

This service is maintained by public cloud team.

4.3. mgr-check-payg.service

This service checks if billing-data-service is installed and running. It also checks if the csp-billing-adapter-service is installed and running. If these services are not running or installed it will attempt to install and start the service.


If one of the previous billing services is not running and cannot be installed or started spacewalk will refuse to start.

Check journalctl -u mgr-check-payg.service for additional issues.

4.4. Continuous Compliance checks

  1. The payg-dimension-computation taskomatic task must be active.

  2. Is the billing server running at http://localhost:18888/ ?

  3. Is the csp-billing-adapter.service running?

  4. What is the status of the csp-billing-adapter located in /var/lib/csp-billing-adapter/csp-config.json?

    The following files and packages are checked for tampering
    • Billing-data-service

    • Csp-billing-adapter-service

    • Python3-csp-billing-adapter

    • Python3-csp-billing-adapter-local

    • Python3-csp-billing-adapter-amazon

    • python3-csp-billing-adapter-azure

    Failed Checks

    Failed checks are logged in:

    • /var/log/rhn/rhn_web_ui.log

    • /var/log/hrn/rhn_taskomatic_daemon.log

  5. No more actions will be executed.

  6. Reposync will stop syncing channels.