spacecmd Reference

The following section will help you become more familiar with the spacecmd command-line interface. This interface is available for SUSE Manager, Satellite and Spacewalk servers. spacecmd is written in Python and uses the XML-RPC API provided by the server.

What can spacecmd do for me?
  • Manage almost all aspects of SUSE Manager from the command line with spacecmd

  • Tab completion is available for all commands

  • Single commands can be passed to spacecmd without entering the interactive shell (excellent for shell scripts)

  • May also be accessed and used as an interactive shell

  • Advanced search methods are available for finding specific systems, thus removing the need to create system groups (nevertheless groups are still recommended)

  • Complete functionality through the Spacewalk API. Almost all commands that can be executed from the Web UI can be performed via the spacecmd command-line