Configuration Overview

The Configuration  Overview section is a dashboard that contains a summary of the configuration files that are managed by your organization in SUSE Manager. There are different panes listing files that are managed centrally in configuration channels and files that are managed locally with individual system profiles.

For more information about managing configuration files, see 設定管理.

Configuration Summary

Provides quick information about your configuration files. Click the blue text to the right to display:

  • Systems with managed configuration files

  • Configuration channels

  • Centrally managed configuration files

  • Locally managed configuration files

Configuration Actions

Configuration Actions offers direct access to the most common configuration management tasks:

  • View clients with managed configuration files

  • View all managed configuration files

  • View all managed configuration channels

  • Create a new configuration channel

  • Enable configuration management on clients

Recently Modified Configuration Files

The list shows which files have changed when and to which channel they belong. If no files have been changed, no list appears.

Table 1. Recently Modified Configuration Files Columns
Column Description


Absolute filename of the configuration file.

Configuration Channel

Name of the configuration channel.


The time and date the file was modified.

Click the name of a file to see its Details page. Click the channel name to see its Channel Details page.

Recently Scheduled Configuration File Deployments

Each scheduled action is listed along with the status of the action. Any scheduled configuration task, from enabling configuration management on a system to deploying a specific configuration file, is displayed. Here you can quickly assess if all tasks have been successfully carried out or fix any problems.

Table 2. Scheduled Configuration File Deployments Columns
Column Description


Host name of the system where you want to deploy the configuration file.

Files to be Deployed

Number of files to be deployed.

Scheduled By

The user who scheduled the job.

Scheduled For

The time and date the file deployment will happen.


Status of the deployment: Queued

Clicking the blue status text displays the System Details  Schedule page for the specified system.