The following spacecmd commands are available for use with errata data.

1. errata_apply

Apply an patch to all affected systems.

usage: errata_apply ERRATA|search:XXX ...

2. errata_delete

Delete an patch.

使用方法: errata_delete エラータ|search:XXX ...

3. errata_details

Show the details of an patch.

使用方法: errata_details エラータ|search:XXX ...

4. errata_findbycve

List errata addressing a CVE.

使用方法: errata_findbycve CVE-YYYY-NNNN ...

5. errata_list

List all patches.

使用方法: errata_list

6. errata_listaffectedsystems

List of systems affected by an patch.

使用方法: errata_listaffectedsystems エラータ|search:XXX ...

7. errata_listcves

List of CVEs addressed by an patch.

使用方法: errata_listcves エラータ|search:XXX ...

8. errata_publish

Publish a patch to a channel.

使用方法: errata_publish エラータ|search:XXX <チャンネル ...>

List patches that meet user provided criteria

例: errata_search CVE|RHSA|RHBA|RHEA|CLA ...

> errata_search CVE-2009:1674
> errata_search RHSA-2009:1674

10. errata_summary

Print a summary of all errata.

使用方法: errata_summary