Network Administration

If you are intending to set up either an external or a shared network architecture, you need to ensure that the server providing DHCP services has PXE support enabled.


next-server: <branch server IP>
if option arch = 00:07 {
     filename "boot/shim.efi";
} else {
     filename "boot/pxelinux.0";

Configure your DNS servers to resolve salt and ftp as CNAMEs to the correct branch server FQDN.

If using a CNAME is not possible, there are several workarounds:

  • For salt, set this kernel parameter when the terminal boots:


    You can configure this using the PXE formula. For more information, see PXE Formula. For ftp, you can use an A record that resolves to an IP address instead of a CNAME. Alternatively, you can change the terminal boot process using Salt pillars. For more information, see Deployment basics.

For a description of the different networking architectures, see Network Architecture.