Hub Requirements

Table of Contents

To set up a Hub installation, you require:

  • One central SUSE Manager Server, which acts as the Hub Server.

  • One or more additional SUSE Manager Servers, registered to the Hub as Salt clients. This document refers to these as peripheral servers.

  • Any number of clients registered to the peripheral servers.

  • Ensure the Hub Server and all peripheral servers are running SUSE Manager 4.1 or higher.

The Hub Server must not have clients registered to it. Clients should only be registered to the peripheral servers.

1. Peripheral Servers

Peripheral servers must be registered to the Hub Server as Salt clients. When you register the peripheral servers, assign them the appropriate SUSE Manager Server software channel as their base channel. Additionally, they must be registered to the Hub Server directly, do not use a proxy.

For more information about registering clients, see Web UIでクライアントを登録する.

You need credentials to access the XMLRPC APIs on each server, including the Hub Server.