Configuration Modules

Salt uses execution and state modules to define, apply, and orchestrate configuration of your devices. SUSE Manager provides a set of modules called Uyuni configuration modules, that you can use to configure both SUSE Manager and Uyuni Servers.

You can use the Uyuni configuration modules directly or using SLS files. They are are especially useful if you have multiple SUSE Manager Servers, for example in Hub installations, but they are also useful for smaller installations.

For more information about using Hub, see Using Multiple Servers to Manage Large Scale Deployments.

You can use Uyuni configuration modules to configure:

  • Organizations

  • Users

  • User permissions

  • System groups

  • Activation Keys

For more information about Salt execution modules, see

For more information about Salt state modules, see

1. Install Configuration Modules

The Uyuni configuration modules are available in the uyuni-config-modules package. On the SUSE Manager Server, at the command prompt, as root, use this command:

zypper in uyuni-config-modules

This package also installs detailed API descriptions, indications on pillar settings, and examples. When you have installed the package, navigate to /usr/share/doc/packages/uyuni-config-modules/.