User Details

The User Details section provides additional details about the user account, and allows you to manage permissions for the user. You can also deactivate or delete users from this section.

For more information about managing users, see ユーザー.

The User Details section is split into tabs:

1. 詳細

This tab allows you to change the name and password of the user account, and provides information about the various permissions the user has assigned.

Use this section to assign or remove administrator roles, except for the SUSE Manager Administrator. To change a user’s SUSE Manager Administrator role, navigate to Admin  Users and check or uncheck SUSE Manager Admin? as required.

2. System Groups

This tab shows the system groups the user is assigned to. Check or uncheck system groups as required.

3. システム

This tab shows the clients the user is able to administer. Use system groups to modify client access levels.

Select multiple systems from this page to add them to the system set manager (SSM). For more information about SSM, see システムセットマネージャ.

4. Channel Permissions

This tab shows the channel permissions for the user.

The Subscription subtab shows channels that the user has subscription permissions for. The Management subtab shows channels that the user has management permissions for.

Check channels in the list to grant permissions.

5. User Preferences

This tab is used to configure preference settings for users.

Table 1. User Preferences
Option Description Default

Email Notification

Receive email for client and Taskomatic notifications, including a daily summary email.


SUSE Manager List Page Size

Maximum number of items that can appear in a list on a single page.

25 entries

"Overview" Start Page

Select the information panes to display on the Home  Overview page.

All checked

Time Zone

Set your local timezone.

System timezone

CSV Files

Select whether to use comma or semi-colon delimiters when producing downloadable CSV files.


6. Addresses

This tab shows the mailing addresses associated with the user. Click Fill in this address to set a mailing address. Click Edit this address to change an existing mailing address.