Public Cloud Listings

Last updated: October 2023

1. What is the SUSE Manager PAYG listing on the cloud marketplaces?

By selecting the SUSE Manager PAYG listing from the cloud marketplace, customers can deploy SUSE Manager to their cloud environment with the advantage of having monthly billing via the cloud provider.

Customers still have the option of using SUSE Manager byos (Bring-your-own-subscription), for which subscriptions and billing is handled directly by SUSE.

2. Where do I find the SUSE Manager PAYG listings?

The listings can be found in the AWS & Azure Marketplaces, there are two listings:

On the AWS Marketplace, you will find the following:

  • SUSE Manager Server Family (Non-EU and non-UK only)

  • SUSE Manager Server Family (EU and UK only)

On the Azure Marketplace, you will find:

  • SUSE Manager with 24x7 Support

  • SUSE Manager with 24x7 Support (EMEA Orders Only)

For the purposes of this FAQ, we will refer to these listings as SUSE Manager PAYG.

3. Why are there 2 listings and which one should I use?

We have 2 listings for SUSE Manager, "EU and UK only / EMEA Orders Only" and "non-EU and non-UK only", you should pick the listing that reflects in which country your AWS & Azure account gets billed.

4. Are these listings available in all countries?

The SUSE Manager PAYG listing on the cloud is not available to purchase in all countries. In case it is not available in your country you can still use the BYOS option.

Your billing country is based on the AWS & Azure Account ID used to do the deployment.

You can find out more about confirming your tax location as follows:

Please see the link at the end of this FAQ for a list of countries that can and cannot transact SUSE Manager PAYG via the cloud marketplaces.

5. My cloud account is in the USA, but I want to deploy SUSE Manager PAYG in another region, a region that is in a country where I currently cannot transact, is this possible?

If your cloud provider account is billed to one of the allowed countries, it is possible to deploy SUSE Manager in any region.

6. Is this listing available in China?

It is not possible to transact/bill SUSE Manager PAYG via AWS & Azure Marketplaces in China. It is possible to deploy into regions in China.

This means you can deploy SUSE Manager in a region in China if your billing is performed in a country that has the PAYG option available. Please see the addendum at the end of this FAQ for a list of countries that can and cannot transact SUSE Manager PAYG via the cloud.

7. Is there still a BYOS listing for SUSE Manager in the marketplace?

Yes, for customers that wish to use an existing annual SUSE Manager subscription, the BYOS SUSE Manager listing is available.

8. Is there a PAYG listing available for the SUSE Manager Proxy Server?

If a SUSE Manager Proxy is required as part of the architecture, it is suggested to use the containerized proxy. See the SUSE documentation at: Select  SUSE Manager  SUSE Manager {4.3}  Installation and Upgrade guide  Installation  SUSE Manager Proxy  Install Containerized Proxy

From the subscription point of view, SUSE Manager Proxy is a managed client.

9. The listing shows pricing information for SUSE Manager node management and a separate price for monitoring. Do I need to subscribe twice if I need monitoring?

There is no need to subscribe twice. Subscribing to the listing in the cloud provider marketplace allow the SUSE Manager PAYG instance to perform metered billing for SUSE Manager usage.

If you onboard an instance and enable SUSE Manager monitoring, there is a monthly charge for management and another charge for monitoring.